A peripatetic childhood, boarding school and a freelance working life have influenced heavily the way my projects materialise. An idea may pop into my head during the undertaking of the most mundane daily activities - cleaning, ironing, running, driving, walking, shopping, washing, cooking. I don't really make collections of things. I find the accumulation of 'stuff'' leaves me anxious. More boxes are needed to contain it. Storage becomes an obsession. If I think about it, a camera is a box.  I can use it to absorb the things I love; heat, air, colour and light. Sometimes it's these very things that reveal unease. This is where the background to my work sits. This is the place where the thoughts buried in my head search for a way out.

(Brighton, UK, 2014)


A Point of Balance

In the video, A Point of Balance, Tanya endeavours to reconcile the desire to make creative work with the need to fulfil domestic routines. Within the boundaries of her home, she strives to redefine spaces of everyday domesticity into theatres of high ambition. While she balances her body, voice and imagery in the background (still & moving) describe the achievements of three professional female athletes, questioning the idea that identity is formed through work, job titles and success.



When the sun is sitting in the sky at a particular time of day, pools of light form on the floor, then on the wall and finally seep through cracks underneath the door. Using a simple process with a film camera, Tanya layers images of these pools of light with identifiable scenes from her home, resulting in images of strangeness that the viewer, hopefully, can't quite put their finger on.


These Moments Matter

After the death of her sister-in-law in 2005, Tanya felt keenly not only the loss of a hugely loved friend but also that her two daughters would grow up never knowing their father's sister. The series of colour photographs that form These Moments Matter is tightly edited yet ever evolving. Tanya attempts to capture small fleeting moments in a bid to curate a different kind of family album.